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Saturday, September 19, 2009

GI Bill update...

I called the VA 10 days ago to check on the status of our paperwork to transfer my benefit to my son. I guess things are coming along because they had it on file that the benefit was transferred, and because now the benefit belongs to him they would not discuss it with me further. The last time this happened, my son was with me. Now of course, school has started and he's there.

He called them last week. They had all the required paperwork on 6 August. They told him that because of the massive volume of submissions that it could take 8 weeks to get his eligibility certificate. After he gets that he has to take it to the veterans affairs officer at his school who then sends it back to VA. The school is charging us interest now, so I really need the VA to take care of their part of the tranfer.

More soon...(I hope!)

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