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Monday, June 21, 2010

Time to Add Money to Your TSP

The year is almost half over, and it looks like the recession might be coming to an end. Interest rates are near record lows and some real estate markets are beginning to recover. If interest rates begin to move north, bonds will become much less attractive and will drive money to stocks and real estate.

So, have you been adding money to your TSP account faithfully since the beginning of the year. You can contribute $16,500 this year (2010), but if you've waited until now to begin contributing, it'll take a pretty significant slice of your pay to get there from here. Even so, why not go to Mypay.gov and sign up to have 15% of your base pay deposited into your TSP account. Over time you'll end up with a significant nest egg. Consider contributing to the C, I, and S funds with the majority of your account balance and then enjoy the ride.

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