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Friday, November 11, 2011

Finding the right Post-Military Health Care Insurance

I've been researching the private health and dental options for our family, specifically as my oldest is about to graduate from college. Fortunately, Tricare Young Adult will help us bridge the gap, but I thought I could do better than $180+/Mo, with a 20% co-pay and deductable. Turns out that unless we spring for a high deductable plan, TRICARE will be the best bet.

Also, because my son is still looking for work, we are not eligible to participate in a Health Savings Account.

There are significant differences in coverage based on your region and needs. Also, it will be more difficult if you have an existing health issue that needs to go with you and your new coverage. I'll continue to report on what I find. Please add your comments if you have health and dental coverage recommendations.

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