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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Simple Life

Our family is currently living in base housing overseas. You really get a snapshot of simple living in this environment. Specifically, we're limited to a single car, can actually walk virtually everywhere we need to go, have ready access to public transportation, and limited space to store new "treasures." People drive mid-nineties hand-me-down cars that are reliable but not shiny or trendy. We travel, take pictures, visit friends, and enjoy life. It doesn't hurt that we don't pay rent or utilities. We bought an inexpensive rental insurance policy, and have really simplified our life.

There's a lot we can take home with us when we rotate back to the US. This is our third overseas assignment, and each time it has felt so good to shed our expensive and unfulfilling habits. It is a great laboratory for simple living, and I recommend it to you if you have the opportunity.

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